• Javascript
  • Node.js
  • WebSockets

It was an honor to contribute to the multiple Cannes Lion-winning project the Pursuit by Equinox. The Pursuit relaunched the cycling program at Equinox with a highly addictive, game-based experience, consisting of three applications: a two-screen display in the spin studio, a web-based instructor console for iPad, and a mobile app that riders can monitor on their phones. The cycling experience is driven by real-time data generated by spin bicycles and synced between the applications with WebSockets

As a part of the Pursuit development team, I worked on front-end development of the instructor console that controls both the studio displays and the mobile app. The web-based console was optimized for iPads that are provided to instructors.

The screen displays in the cycling studio are driven by a Node.js application that receives real-time cycling data via WebSockets. The data-visualized games that challenge riders to push their limits are created with WebGL.